Ownzone showcases its business at WIN

by Sarah Holden
December 3, 2019

Ownzone is participating at this year’s WIN, Women’s Informative Network, showcasing its therapy rooms business to all those participating at the event.

We will be handing out over 40 small jars of Green Farm honey, offering one lucky person the chance to win SIX large jars of the honey – just in time for Christmas!

This is no shop bought honey – it is produced by Liz and Bill O’Dell, co-partners of Ownzone, and active bee keepers from their home at Green Farm near Tewkesbury. With 20 hives of bees, their honey is delivered raw, just as the bees make it. This means it hasn’t been heat treated or filtered to remove pollen or propylis (from the sap of trees). Raw, local honey increases resistance to hay fever and other allergies and also promotes healing.

Womens Informative Network logoThe event, taking place near Gloucester on Friday 6th December, is organised by WIN, an inclusive networking group for women in business. The aim is to hold relaxed and informative meetings to bring together women from all types of businesses to learn and network in a supportive and friendly environment.

For more information, please visit their website at www.womensinformativenetworking.com



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