With six comfortable rooms to choose from, you will find a space to perfectly meet your needs. For more details about each room, please visit Our rooms

A regular session lasts 90 minutes, giving you 15 minutes to prepare and set up, and 15 minutes at the end to write notes and tidy up. This allows a full hour for your consultation.

Booking consecutive sessions of 90 minutes allows you to conduct your business for as long as you need.

Standard rooms (Ownzones) are ideal for individual or couple consultations.
Our larger room (Headzone) can comfortably cater up to seven individuals.
The boardroom (Groupzone) is suited to workshops or larger group meetings for up to 16 people.


£12 Session – 90 minutes
£14 Session – 90 minutes
£48 Half Day or £96 Full Day
Ownzone room hire stroud pricing


Ownzone membership costs just £48/year. Membership gives you the equivalent of £48 in credits to use for payment of bookings, so in effect your first four Ownzone sessions are included! Simply sign up here!


For simplicity, bookings are paid for with Ownzone credits, where one credit is the equivalent to £1. This provides ease and flexibility when booking our rooms as credits can be purchased in advance. For ad hoc bookings, simply purchase the number of credits required at the time of booking.

For those with the longer term in mind, discounts are available for bulk purchase of credits, so the more credits you buy, the greater the discount!

120 credits = £108.00 – save 10%

240 credits = £204.00 – save 15%

360 credits = £288.00 – save 20%

All credits can be used up to 12 months from the date of purchase.