Ownzone therapy rooms now welcomes Acupuncturists

by Sarah Holden
July 2, 2020

Taking advice from both Stroud District Council and The British Acupuncture Council, Ownzone is now able to open its doors to those who practice Acupuncture.

Ownzone, which offers flexible room hire for practitioners in Stroud and the surrounding areas, has taken advantage of the quieter times and adapted one of its rooms to allow Acupuncturists to operate. Having met the criteria, the premises is now licensed.

Whilst it is not yet possible to practice, Ownzone wishes to let Acupuncturists in the area know what is available should they wish to meet clients in the centre of Stroud. Ownzone is open, so if you would like to come and take a look, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ownzone 1 (pictured) now has a sink with hot and cold water, as well as a massage table for clients to use. Situated on the first floor, the room is bright and airy. You receive a unique door lock code to your room, valid only for the time you have booked, so there is no possibility of being disturbed.

Please note that those who wish to practice must also be licensed with Stroud District Council and be prepared to take any needles away for safe disposal.


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