Invitation to record counselling sessions for The Men’s Radio Station

by Sarah Holden
November 21, 2019



Invitation for Counsellors and Therapists to record Counselling Sessions to be broadcast for The Men’s Radio Station 

Hosted by radio presenters : Russ Kean and Noel Mc Dermot.

Bernadette Bruckner, of The One Stop Psychotherapy Shop and Mental Health Solutions in Business, is offering counsellors and therapists the opportunity to record counselling sessions to be broadcast on The Men’s Radio Station ( as part of the shared aim to encourage men to talk about their mental health.

Ideally the session would cover a typical depression or anxiety or any clinical type of counselling.

The aim is to encourage men to get help with Mental Health and emotional wellbeing. By hearing what exactly goes on in a counselling session, it helps people overcome their fear of counselling and aims to dispel the many myths that surround attending a counselling or therapy session.

For more information, visit, or contact Karen Goodson, Ownzone member and holistic therapist.

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