Our rooms

Our rooms at Ownzone offer work spaces where
practitioners can meet clients whenever they need.


Book a single session or more at the time that you need, not when office hours dictate.


Professionally designed furnishings and handy amenities ensure both you and your clients can relax in a private and calming environment. There are toilets on all floors, including a disabled access toilet on the ground floor with baby changing, as well as a kitchen and reception area.


You receive a unique door lock code to your room, valid only for the time and room you have booked, so there is no possibility of being disturbed. Additionally, each room is sound proofed to ensure total privacy.


At a cost from only £13 for a 90 minute session you maximise the allotted time with your client without having to pay extra to prepare and pack up at the beginning and end.

Ownzone room hire Stroud montage

Our Ownzone rooms provide both comfort and intimacy, just what you may need for individual therapy sessions or couples counselling.

These rooms can be booked from 7.00am until 8.45pm Monday to Sundays.

Midzone and Ownzone 2, 3 and 4  are furnished with comfy seating, whilst Ownzone 1 and Newzone also have an electric adjustable couch for massage and other treatments.

See below for details on each room.

1st floor | capacity: < 2 | 12m2
price: £13/session
2nd floor | capacity: < 4 | 11m2
price: £13/session
2nd floor | capacity: < 5 | 12m2
price: £13/session
Ownzone 4
2nd floor | capacity: < 3 | 9m2
price: £13/session
MidzoneMidzone signMidzone
1st floor | capacity: < 4 | 16m2
price: £13/session
NewzoneNewzone signNewzone
1st floor | capacity: < 2 | 10m2
price: £13/session

If you need a larger room for your session, it is worth considering our Headzone room. Whilst maintaining an intimate feel, Headzone offers more seating and space for wider discussions.

Headzone can be booked from 7.00am until 8.30pm Monday to Sundays.

ground floor | capacity: < 7 | 19m2
price: £15/session