Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question which is not covered here please contact us on freephone 0800 887 0138 or email info@ownzone.space

Once you are a member you will have complete flexibility as to which rooms you book when, and for how long. The minimum session is 90 minutes: your yearly membership allowance of 48 credits buys you four such 90 minute sessions to use within that year in one of our Ownzone rooms.

Please see the website for full details on pricing.

About Ownzone

A. Ownzone aims to provide private, flexible and convenient space for independent professional therapy and counselling practitioners who wish to meet with clients in central Stroud.

Ownzone aims to be more flexible, versatile and frankly smarter than where you might be working at the moment.  We offer different size rooms to suit different needs, but all to the same high standard. Our rooms can be booked as and when needed, so you do not have to enter a long term rental commitment for office space.

All bookings and membership services are conducted from the Ownzone website, so there is no need to have to call and wait to speak with someone, especially if you need to plan your work schedule outside office hours.

Ownzone is unconstrained by the 9-5: we are open from early morning to evening, 7 days a week. Sessions can be booked from 7.15am until 9pm.

At Ownzone we provide a softly-lit reception area for you and your clients, powerful wifi, a toilet on each floor – including ground floor toilet with disabled access and baby change facility – and a small kitchen area with dishwasher, fridge and microwave, tea and coffee. There are also flipcharts in our Headzone and Groupzone rooms and the intercom system provides easy access for your clients.

Membership and payment

Everyone booking space at Ownzone has to become a member, for their own security and ours: we need to be able to verify and guarantee that they are a bona fide, qualified professional practitioner. Each member agrees to our Terms and Conditions to make this a safe space. Once a member, you receive 48 credits to use during the following year towards your sessions and you can buy more credits as required.

Membership costs just £48/year. Included with your membership are 48 credits which are automatically added to your account. These credits are the equivalent of £48.00, to use as payment towards your session bookings.

Credits provide a simple way to keep track of what you have used and what you have remaining. This means you can easily see on your personal account page whether you have any credits to put towards your next booking. Credits also provide a means to bulk purchase. The more credits you purchase, the greater the discount you receive. For more information, please see our Pricing page.

From your personal online account, you can easily purchase credits. These expire twelve months after purchase so you can purchase enough to cover future bookings and enjoy the bulk discount provided.

You sign up for a year when you become a member, and we hope you will establish yourself and your practice at Ownzone. When you become a member, renewal of your membership will occur automatically every year.

You are free to terminate your membership at the end of the year. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund credits not spent by the end of your membership. Any sessions you have booked beyond the termination of your membership, will automatically be cancelled.

Ownzone rooms

Having filled in the membership application form on the website and set up your £48 annual payment, you will receive a unique key code (by text and email). This code is exclusive to you and will give you access to the front door and your room door for the time and date you have booked.  Select the room(s) that you want, and pay using the credits in your Ownzone account. You can buy more credits if you decide to book more rooms or the larger rooms. Your key code will open the doors for that time slot only.

We have six rooms in the building. Each room has been designed specifically with your business in mind. All have natural light, fresh and modern décor, ambient lighting and wifi throughout.

Four rooms (Ownzones 1,2,3,4) are designed for you to meet with one or two clients, and you will find several comfy chairs, a coffee table and soft furnishings.

If you need a slightly bigger room, then look for Headzone on the ground floor, for an informal meeting area.

For your training, seminar or workshop sessions, we can offer you Groupzone, with conference tables and 16 chairs. The tables can either be set up as one large one or divided into smaller tables if that suits your purpose better, or they can be easily pushed to the side if you require more space.  Plenty of sockets allow you to keep the laptops going.

All members receive a unique key code (by text and email) which you keep until no longer a member. This code is exclusive to you and will give you access to the front door and your room door for the time and date you have booked. Please note, your key code will only open the doors for the time slot booked.

If you make a last minute booking or room change (less than 24 hours’ notice), you will need to call us on 07017 344777 as we will need to activate your key code.

Please call us on 07017 344777 and we can provide you with your key code or give you immediate access to the room.

You must vacate your room by the end of the 90 minute booking and we ask you to leave the room tidy and ready for the next person. However, you can stay in the premises for longer to write up notes and have a coffee downstairs but, again, please leave things ready for others.

Booking sessions

Once you are a member you will have complete flexibility as to which rooms you book when, and for how long. The minimum session is 90 minutes.

Please see the website for full details on pricing

Yes you can. You can book sessions over different days, times and rooms or sequential sessions if you require longer on the same day in the same room. Credits roll over into subsequent months to afford you maximum flexibility.

Simply select the rooms, times and dates you wish to book. These will be added to your Shopping Basket and then once ready, you can pay in one go. It is really that simple.

Ownzone accepts debit or credit card transfers for the purchase of credits. This is done via our website using our secure and simple payment page.

If you wish to cancel a session we do require 48 hours’ notice. In this case, your credits will be refunded to your account. If your cancellation is less than 48 hours’ notice, we will be unable to refund your credits and you will be charged for that session.

Should you wish to change the time, date, or room of your session, you may do this with 48 hours’ notice if there is availability. In this case, your credits will be used towards your new booking.