Viki Margerum

I am a Regression Therapist and Between Lives Therapist. I offer a safe and compassionate space where you can make the positive change you need in your life.

About me

I am passionate about supporting my clients to understand and put into clearer perspective their past and present experiences to uncover what may be holding them back. There is no greater joy to me than helping others to connect and fully align to their innate wisdom, enabling beautiful transformations and new learning to occur. 

Following a decade working in Broadcasting and in the Creative Industries, I completed a Diploma in Counselling (Integrative and Relational Approach) from the University of the West of England, Certificates in Hypnosis & Between Lives Therapy, and a Diploma in Regression Therapy from the Regression Academy in Dorset. I bring to my work over 20 years of experience and study in a diverse range of psychotherapeutic, intuitive, and healing approaches and techniques. I regularly incorporate additional skills and knowledge from a wide range of sources.

Viki Margerum

What I offer

I offer a safe and compassionate space where you can make the positive change you need in your life.

As well as offering Transpersonal Counselling and Regression Therapy, I specialise in:

Inner Child Healing offers an opportunity to meet aspects of yourself as a child when you had perhaps felt amongst other things, confused, hurt, belittled, or misunderstood. We can meet these disenfranchised child parts and lavish them with the understanding, attention, love, care, and resources that were perhaps missing or withheld in earlier life. It is a deeply healing experience which will improve self-compassion, self-awareness, and self-esteem.

Other/Past Life Therapy involves accessing the story of another, different life – popularly referred to as a ‘past’ life – with a view to understanding, transforming, and healing it. You will observe the story of this other person, their defining relationships, and experiences. Past Life Therapy can be a very powerful tool for healing relationship issues, anxiety, ill health, inexplicable fears, phobias, and depression to name but a few.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression is used to explore soul memories. In a deep trance state, we access details about events or relationships in your life and reconnect with your guidance and soul ‘family’. We can explore soul lineage, life choices and recurring challenges and blocks in your life and relationships. Often, after the session, there is a clearer understanding and commitment to our life purpose/choices and a greater compassion for our self and other people we encounter during our life.

Contact me

Viki Margerum

Tel: 07984 792936



Member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association

Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register

Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and I abide by their Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling.

Professional qualifications:

Diploma in Professional Studies Counselling, University of the West of England / 2006

Certificate in Hypnosis

Diplomas in Regression Therapy and Between Lives Therapy.