Hettie Peplow

As an EssenceTM Coach I help people to make change in their lives. I support people when they are struggling with life’s challenges or who simply want more out of life to create health and happiness for themselves.

About me

My strength is supporting people to make change, in both inner experience – in emotions, feelings and thoughts and the outer – choices that are made in communication, relationships and contributing to the world.

Making change has always been my passion – facilitating people to grow, discover and then create the changes they want to see. I have always worked in ways that resource people with more strength, clarity and confidence, assisting them to find the answers and next steps that are right for them.

My work experience, of over 30 years, includes working with people recovering from addictions; with young people seeking to make changes in their community, and with disabled people raising awareness of societal assumptions and the resources and talents they have to offer.

I have personal experience of recovering from long term ill health and childhood trauma; this has taught me much about the body mind connection and been my path to more vitality and love of life.

My work supports:

People who are experiencing painful feelings and emotions, including stress, anxiety and conflict to find good health, peace and balance.
People who want healthy loving relationships with partners, friends and family.
People facing life decisions to discover and create the work and life they long for.

I have found the EssenceTM Approach to have simple and profound, far reaching effects, both in my life and for those that I share it with.

Hettie Peplow

What I offer

EssenceTM Coaching is simple guided enquiry that explores and resolves aspects of your inner world – thoughts, feelings, patterns, habits that are restricting your actions and opportunities.

In a session I listen to your current difficulties, challenges and hopes for the future. We explore your priorities and you decide where you want to focus our time together. I lead inner enquiries where you can discover and heal inner obstacles (beliefs, old hurts and patterns) that get in the way of you having what you truly want.  Emotions and outdated conditioning can be dissolved away and create space for the new. We consider what actions will support you to move forward.

I recommend that you commit to a series of sessions, preferably six, but at least four to have an impact on your area of focus. The cost of a session is £50, if you book four it is £190 and if you book six, £280.

Please get in touch if you are interested to know more; we can arrange a time to talk. I like to have an initial twenty minute phone or Zoom call to help you decide if working with me is right for you.


Hettie offered a very supportive balance between exploration of feelings and of intention and action – one that I found unusual and helpful in its effects. A.P. Edinburgh

Contact me

Hettie Peplow

Tel: 07725 190109

Email: Hettiepeplow@proton.me

Essence TM Coach, licensed in 2021

Insight Herbalist, School of Intuitive Herbalism – 2023

Diploma in Social Work – 1994

Founder of Essence TM Coaching.

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I receive regular professional supervision from Joy Hicklin-Bailey, Founder of Essence TM Coaching.