Kate White

I am a Certified TRE® Provider, helping with a range of emotional and physical issues through a body focused practice that releases physical stress, rebalances the nervous system and calms the mind.

About me

My name is Kate, and I come from a background of performance and theatre. I came across TRE® in 2019 and found an instant connection to the practice and the benefits it brought.

I trained with TRE® Scotland and am now so excited to be able to share this incredible self-care tool leading to so many benefits. TRE® is a practice that you can do on your own once you are familiar with it, and can be part of your self-care tool box for the rest of your life.

My job is to teach you TRE® in a safe, relaxed and supportive manner – online or in real life – whilst creating and holding a safe space for you. You can find out more about TRE® at https://traumaprevention.com.

Kate White

What I offer

I offer 1 to 1 sessions (at your home if wanted) and small group classes with a maximum of 6 people. Classes can be in person or by Zoom and are between 60 and 90 minutes long.

TRE® uses simple, gentle exercises to deliberately invoke our body’s natural tremoring or shaking reflex, which is part of the body’s natural response, to discharge stress and tension and restore itself to a calm and relaxed state. The exercises are simple to do and the tremoring is usually done lying on the floor.

TRE® is a body-based technique which relaxes and rebalances your nervous system and calms the mind in a different way to cognitively directed techniques such as mindfulness, yoga, Pilates and general exercise. Animals naturally use it and you will learn how to connect to this natural reflex too whenever and wherever you like.

Many people love the fact that in TRE® there is no need to verbalise or analyse anything  – we allow the body to do the work. TRE®’s reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing and can deeply relax the body restoring physical suppleness and emotional stability. After doing TRE®, many people report feelings of peace and well-being.

Contact me

Kate White

Email: katewhitetre@gmail.com

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