Yael Hochenberg

I am a certified Transformational Breath® facilitator,  helping people to access the full potential of their respiratory system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being.

About me

My name is Yael, and I come from an extensive background of dancing, music and healing.

I first discovered conscious connected breathwork via Rebirthing 28 years ago. It impacted my life then and gave me powerful, tangible tools to navigate through the many highs and lows of my life. More recently, I came across Transformational Breath and have not looked back! It felt completely right and a part of my destiny to step into offering this modality of breathwork and I love witnessing the extraordinary shifts within those that choose to join me.

My teaching and working style is intuitive, spontaneous, peaceful, vibrant and energetic.

In addition to offering Transformational Breath sessions, I have been teaching Nia since 2011 – a somatic, conscious, holistic, barefoot, dance-fitness practice that feels deeply in alignment with Transformational Breath. I also run weekly Conscious Dance sessions with a ‘silent-disco system’ in Stroud’s beautiful outdoor spaces along with being a long-standing piano teacher, choir director, sound healer, Hanna Somatics coach and holistic massage therapist.

Yael Hochenberg

What I offer

The majority of the population only uses about 25% of their full capacity, so it’s no surprise that improper breathing is a contributor to ill health. As human beings, we retain emotional baggage within our bodies and in doing so, we create physical, mental and emotional blockages. Transformational Breath helps to release these blockages and transform the energetic field.

Transformational Breath is a gentle, simple technique that helps people to open up the full potential of their breathing system for better physical and emotional well-being. It teaches a pattern of conscious breathing that is natural, safe and healthy and which can have many benefits, including increased energy, better immune response and increased ability to deal with stress in a healthy way.

It is taught as a powerful self-help tool to give each person an understanding of how they can work with their own breath on an ongoing basis to create personal transformation. It can be used to great effect either on its own, or in combination with other types of therapy/treatment.

The first session with me will typically last for around 90-120 minutes, and will include a few questions regarding your medical history and personal circumstances, an explanation of the technique and a look at your normal breath pattern. This is followed by a breath session where you are invited to focus on what you would like to gain from the session. This could be learning to improve your breathing, letting go of unwanted emotions or simply to feel calmer.

Contact me

Yael Hochenberg

Tel: 07545 372 077

Website: www.sacredspirit.uk

Email: sacredspirituk@gmail.com

Professional qualifications

Nia Second Degree Black Belt Teacher | Nia Freedance Teacher | Nia Moving to Heal teacher

Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator (online and in-person)

BMus (Hons): Premier Prix GSMD

ITEC Holistic Massage, Anatomy and Physiology

Hanna Somatics Exercise Coach