Charlotte Ferrier

I am an RTT Therapist, Creative Coach and Vortexhealer on a mission to help people come home to themselves, connect to their creativity and flow and live up to their full potential.

About me

Over the course of my life I’ve experienced many of the emotions and issues my clients come to me for. Investing in self love, creativity and personal freedom is the best thing you could ever do to make the most out of life.

About 10 years ago I had a major reset and I was able to reconnect to what I am beneath the stories of my past and rebuild my life into something I love. I studied with Marisa Peer and later became a mentor and trainer in her academy.

Let me help you step into to your highest potential and live your best life so that you can move forward with freedom and thrive.

Charlotte Ferrier

What I offer

If you want to let go of the stories holding you back so that you can live up to your full potential and reconnect with your creativity, then let’s chat.

I offer RTT hypnotherapy (Regression Hypnotherapy) to get to the root of what is holding you back and set you free from your past. These are deep, two hour sessions, with a personal hypnotic recording and a follow up call.

I also offer regular hourly sessions in Creative Coaching, VortexHealing and Quantum Flow to work holistically with consciousness, energy and embodiment practices so that you can release anything holding you back and connect on all levels.


“After just one session with Charlotte I have achieved an inner peace I previously thought impossible. I find talking to new people much easier than before with a lot less anxiety. The new found love and respect I have for myself following the session is a bonus I was not expecting. Thank you Charlotte for a truly fantastic and liberating experience!”

Contact me

Charlotte Ferrier

Tel: 07807 284203



General Hypnotherapy register

The Hypnotherapy Register

Professional qualifications:

Advanced RTT Therapist
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Transformational Life Coach (Animas)
Vortexhealer (Omega)
Quantum Flow Practitioner
Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Maya Feinnes)
Yoga Nidra Teacher (Yoga Nidra Network)