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Offering person-centred counselling for adults and adolescents.

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My therapeutic work is rooted in person-centred and existential philosophies. This means I aim to approach the experience of life with curiosity and wonder. I am committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive session, to holding a non-judgemental attitude, in a welcoming and confidential space. Whilst mental health starts with you it doesn’t mean you have to achieve this alone.

My belief is that together we will face the unique challenges within your circumstances in order to meet and respond to them in a way that belongs to you. I consider myself an ally to those who have found their personal orientations beyond the conventional and relish the opportunity to work with individuals who may find themselves marginalised for their way of being.

Bruce Rolls

What I offer

Recently all our lives have been impacted by Covid-19, lockdown and vaccination. Whilst simultaneously environmental, economic, cultural, personal and geopolitical events and responses to them have brought contradictory explanations and fostered division and mistrust in unprecedented ways. These factors and more, challenge us to find and hold onto personal meaning in a rapidly changing society. I want to facilitate your understanding of what is important to you and hope that in so doing you find the internal peace that can be so elusive.

This complexity is especially daunting for young people who are not only going through the most complex and demanding time in their lives but they do so in a blizzard of data from diverse and contradictory sources: mainstream media, social media, AI, parents, friends. All the while intensely intimate and personal feelings about their body, sexuality, gender, identity, belonging are being explored for the first time. Ultimately, I believe we can trust them to find a way of being that is authentically theirs and able to find their place to belong in this extraordinary world.

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Bruce Rolls


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Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Registration No. 385331)

Professional qualifications:

BA (Hons) and Diploma: Person Centred Counselling (Metanoia)