Zoë Beaudro

Helping children who have experienced trauma, adverse childhood experiences, or who display emotional and/or behavioural difficulties.  Working alongside schools and parents to improve children’s mental health through play based therapy.

About me

I became a Play Therapist as I was concerned about the rise in mental health issues in children and young people and I was inspired by the work of Dan Hughes and Bruce Perry. I began to read more about neuroscience, attachment, trauma informed approaches, and psychotherapy and discovered Play Therapy.

I continue to develop my practice and benefit from ongoing professional training and supervision, most recently in Theraplay® and TraumaPlay®. I have really appreciated having my own counselling, with an Embodied Psychotherapist for a couple of years, and this also informs my work. I have experience working with children who have experienced trauma, abuse, witnessed domestic violence, ‘Looked After Children’, children who have had experience of anxiety, sleep problems, oppositional defiance disorder, ADHD, ASD. I am also currently researching the clinical application of Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory in my Play Therapy and using it as part of my own reflexive practice.

I practice yoga regularly and am a keen wild swimmer. I live in Stroud with my family and love being outdoors and going on adventures.

Zoe Beaudro

What I offer

I offer therapy to children and young people. I work in an integrative, holistic, child-centred way, with awareness of developmental trauma and experience of working with children who have experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences. I also work with children who have low self-esteem, have difficulty self-regulating, have various conduct issues and emotional difficulties.

Play Therapy is a form of Psychotherapy that uses children’s natural medium of expression. Children can bring their feelings, both conscious and unconscious, to the surface.  The play therapy room is a safe contained space where the child can express themselves fully through play; they can just be themselves without judgement, without interpretation, without agenda. The child is treated with respect, is accepted, and permitted to do and say what is needed.  Child-centred play therapy is based on the theory that children have the resilience and the capacity to self-direct; the play therapist needs to relate to the child in ways that will assist the child’s own self-healing, creative power.  I also work more directly when there is a need.

Contact me

Zoë Beaudro

Tel: 07443 606699

Email: info@woodlarkplaytherapy.co.uk

Website: www.woodlarkplaytherapy.co.uk

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Member of PTUK (Play Therapy UK) registered with the Professional Standards Authority

Member of BACP

Postgraduate Diploma in Play and Creative Arts Therapist

Theraplay® Informed Practitioner enrolled on Theraplay® Practicum

Level III Forest School Leader