Emma Garry

I am a massage therapist offering a range of therapeutic massage therapies including Holistic, Sports and Pregnancy massage, as well as Facial Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage. My aim is to leave clients feeling relaxed in body, mind and spirit.

About me

I’m a massage therapist with 14 years’ experience. I initially trained at Kerry ETB Training Centre where I graduated in 2009 with Level 6 advanced Certification in Beauty and Massage Therapy. I’ve worked in four star spas and am proficient at various skills including pregnancy massage, hot stones and facials.

I moved to England in 2015 and qualified in sports and remedial massage in Bristol in 2018.

I am constantly trying to learn new techniques to increase the therapeutic options I can provide for my clients.

Emma Garry

What I offer

I offer Holistic, Sports, and Pregnancy massage, as well as facial reflexology and Thai Foot Massage.

Natural face lift and facial reflexology massage – 75 mins £60
The natural facelift facial is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment for the face. The treatment uses specially designed techniques to help lift and tone the facial muscles. Acupressure points and facial reflexology are used to stimulate the immune system and release endorphins.

This treatment retrains the facial muscles using myofascial and stabilising techniques and lymphatic drainage to help decrease puffiness around eyes and jaw. The treatment focuses on the neck, face and head for a truly relaxing experience.

Thai Foot Massage – 75 mins £60
This treatment combines techniques of Thai stretches, massage and a crafted rosewood stick to stimulate reflex points on the soles of the feet. The treatment involves massage of the lower leg, ankles and feet to help reduce stiffness, relief from tired aching feet, improved flexibility, relief from pain in knees and hips. The treatment is performed face up and is perfect for people who are new to massage, find the face cradle claustrophobic or just want a restorative and relaxing time.

Holistic Massage – 60 mins £50 / 90 mins £75
A custom massage tailored to the needs of the body including physical, mental and emotional aspects. I draw on a wide range of modalities and techniques to guide the massage to meet the needs of your body at that particular time.

Pregnancy Massage – 60 mins £50 / 90 mins £75
A tailored massage treatment to suit the needs of your body as it goes through the trimesters. Massage principles are the same, however dedicated care and attention is applied as your body prepares for the birth.

Sports Massage – 60 mins £50 / 90 mins £75
Sports massage is the manipulation and massage of soft tissue to help relieve a number of conditions due to repetitive and strenuous activity and/or trauma. Sports massage helps to uncover muscle imbalances and how best to treat and aid recovery.

Contact me

Emma Garry

Aisiroch Massage

Tel: 07533 042 005

Email: garryemma02@gmail.com

Member of FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists)

Professional qualifications:

Sports and Remedial Massage – Level 5



Body in Harmony Training

School of Bodywork Training

Gateway Workshops

ITM (Thai massage)

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