Sue Chant

Offering a range of therapies to treat aches and pains of the body or depression and anxiety of the mind.

About me

My name is Sue Chant and I have spent a lifetime helping people and animals. I trained horses and taught people to ride for 15 years. I was a lecturer at an Equine/agricultural college for 18 years where I was also an onsite Every Child Matters Residential Warden. Without doubt, my strengths lay in helping young teenagers and their parents and it became clear to me that I was enjoying helping the students more than the lecturing. So I looked for a qualified career in Holistic health.

I have always been interested in the energy I felt from people and animals and am extremely empathically aware – knowing instinctively what was wrong and how to help.

After taking voluntary redundancy I undertook more qualifications in energy medicine so that I could help people in a more pragmatic way.

Helping people is my vocation in life.

Sue Chant

What I offer

I offer help for physical, mental or emotional pain. My treatments are all very relaxing.

Energy therapies

Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage and Crystal Healing improve your energy flow. When energy does not flow correctly and, depending where the energy blocks are, we become ill – whether physically, mentally emotionally or spiritually. A guided meditation with crystal healing is very relaxing, renewing and repairing.

I provide training in specific techniques to help you with energy flow and relaxation  and offer a mix of treatments to help you find what helps you the most.

Life coaching

Life coaching will help you reach your desired outcome or goal. For example, it can help you find a new job, new partner or change unwanted behaviours. We discuss and examine self-limiting beliefs, fears, negative emotions and more, to understand what is holding you back and lay a path for you to become the person you want to be.

Meditation and mindfulness

I also offer meditation and mindfulness training for individuals or small groups. This is hugely beneficial for getting control of your thoughts and improving sleep.

Contact me

MA (Education); BSc (hons); PGCE

Crystal Healing SNHS (Dip)

Reflexology SNHS (Dip)

Aromatherapy SNHS (Dip)

Holistic Massage Therapy SNHS (Dip)

Mindfulness SNHS (Dip)

Meditation SNHS (Dip)

Life Coaching SNHS (Dip)

I am also a Reiki Healing Practitioner.

All Courses accredited by the International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM).