Kim Holmes

I am a Yoga Therapist, Somatic Healer and Collective Trauma Healing Facilitator helping people of all ages to overcome mental and physical difficulties.

About me

I am a yoga therapist and somatic healer specialising in women’s health, empowerment and addiction. With a degree in Humanities, I am a collective trauma healing facilitator and yoga for recovery space holder and trauma informed leader. My clients get transformational  results by accessing my thorough healing methods, deep body work, unlimited resources, coaching, guidance and support.

I believe that when we are constantly living against our true nature and soul’s calling we repeatedly behave in self-destructive or self-defeating patterns. The soul requires us to keep on expanding and mastering old patterns and intergenerational trauma. This can be done through re-patterning and transformation; channelling ever deeper to find the missing pieces to make a greater impact for our families, communities and the world. The good news is that this can be a powerful, exciting, illuminating process; we do not have to dwell in pain to find our unique resources.

My passion is to apply the healing philosophy of yoga therapy, somatic healing, and collective and intergeneration trauma recovery as an approach to overcoming mental and physical difficulties.

Sharing the knowledge I have gained over years of working with all ages, as well as my own healing journey, is a true gift. My personal practice, work and training have equipped me with the necessary tools to create a space for personal empowerment and elevated states of being to take place.

Kim Holmes

What I offer

1:1 Yoga Therapy Sessions

This is a client focused practice. There is a free induction session to see if yoga therapy is the right fit for you, and that the modalities and tools I offer will make an impactful difference to the issue(s) you wish to address.

We are all recovering from trauma, whether that is from our own lives or the lives of our ancestors. The body can hold trauma from past generations, which will manifest mentally or physically until it is heard. It is vital that the whole body and the mind are integrated in order to uncover the causes of stress, that ongoing, will have a negative impact on the nervous system, internal organs, joints, muscles, immune system, etc.

Yoga therapy uses a wide range of modalities, including NLP, Body-Mind Centering, Cellular Awakening, body awareness, movement, supported movement, stillness, breath work, meditations, activations, and yoga Nidra. These tools allow the body to communicate the issues in the tissues. Yoga Nidra is a horizontal meditation encouraging the body to rest. This practice enables regeneration, and restoration, healing the body and allowing for creativity, inspiration, new ideas, and pathways to arise.

We co-create a daily practice that works for you, your space and time scale, that will have you experience significant shifts in your life. Alongside this, you will receive personalized meditations and Yoga Nidra recordings.

Group sessions

I offer collective healing group work and currently offer a three month course for peri / menopausal and post-menopausal women. You will receive twice-monthly 1:1 sessions where you will explore tools for symptom regulation and an empowerment process to fully enhance the wisdom, knowledge, and freedom this stage of life brings.

The group sessions are a trauma healing process from patriarchal wounding that give us a strong foundation from which to experience the second part of our lives fully energized and physically fit with maximized mobility. This healing process ripples across the younger generations. Our bodies reflect our planet – when we heal, the earth heals with us.

Pleases contact me for more information.

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Professional qualifications:

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Queen Mary University of London in Hispanic Studies / 2015

200 hours teacher training with the Vivian Callegaro Yoga Academy / 2014

Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology / 2014

Yoga campus Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training / 2017

Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training / 2018

Chair Yoga for Mature Movers / 2018

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Foundations / 2019

550 hours Professional Training Yoga United Yoga Therapy (BWY) / 2018 – 2020

Body Mind Centering / Ongoing

Collective Trauma Healing / 2022

Trauma Informed Leadership Course / 2022