Karen Goodson

A holistic therapist, Karen supports those who are waking up to their spiritual nature, encouraging them to become the person their soul intended them to be. 

About me

I am a spiritual being in a human body. I only really accepted that as a fact six years ago when a sudden and shocking life event threw me completely out of my sleepwalk through this lifetime.

I am nearly 60 years old now and have had many different careers; I’ve been a cashier in a bank,  managed residential care homes, worked in community arts, taught English and maths as basic skills, been a careers adviser, am mum to two teenagers, been married a couple of times, experienced some wonderful relationships and some very difficult ones….

So much experience as a human that I am now ready to fully embrace the spiritual aspects of my being and my soul destiny.

My brother died by suicide at a time when I was working closely with mental health services and yet I didn’t see any signs in his behaviour to cause concern. That may well be because he had been in an abusive relationship and had been purposefully isolated from his friends and family. I too have experienced misuse of power in relationship and my passion now is to support anyone ready to step up, step out and reclaim their lives.

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What I offer

I am a multi-dimensional healer; this means that I work across all timelines, all dimensions and all levels which encompass the ancestral, historical, DNA and soul levels.

I consider myself a guide or facilitator, helping you to find the resources within your own multidimensional self to receive the healing you need.

One of my gifts is the ability to work with fellow healers, coaches and therapists who have become stuck; there is perhaps that one final thing they need to shift in order to progress on their own spiritual journey. That last block has resisted all attempts to identify, clear or release it; techniques such as NLP, Tapping, meditation and Reiki healing have been unable to break through.

I use Soul Transformation Therapy and Aquarian Atlantean energy healing but, essentially, I trust my intuition coupled with your intention to create a clear channel through me, between you and your higher self, guides and Source energy.

In effect we clear vows, promises, soul contracts and so on from other lives which are having an impact on this life.

The resulting healing is catalytic, powerful and transformative.

Contact me

Karen Goodson

Tel: 07531 459727

Email: karengoodson@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.karengoodsonholistictherapist.co.uk


Member of CMA – Complimentary Medical Association