Julia Adams

I am an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner with a track record of making a measurable, positive difference to people’s lives.

About me

As a fully certified accredited EFT Practitioner with a background in Human Resource Management and Training, my experience with my neuro-atypical family (husband with traits of autism and son with traits of ADHD!) ensures that I approach every client with no judgement. Also, as a degree qualified linguist, (I speak French & German), I bring a deep understanding of language which allows clients to really ‘zero in’ on their core issues, where the potential for healing is greatest. Insights and understanding gained here can then be used as a focus for EFT work; this is especially effective when the client and I do longer term work together.

The client always remains completely in control of the pace and direction of our work throughout.

Julia Adams-EFT

What I offer

EFT (or ‘Meridian Tapping’) is a kind of acupressure technique where certain points on the upper body are tapped with the fingers while holding a thought or a memory in the mind. It is a powerful, clinically proven, way of regulating the nervous system, reducing the stress hormone cortisol and eliciting a feeling of calm.

EFT takes less time than you might imagine to ‘unwind’ unwelcome emotional and physical symptoms. Whilst EFT is a scientifically proven method of treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it is also especially rapid and effective at treating less extreme traumas such as upsetting memories and phobias. While everyone is different, for an idea of how many sessions might be needed, please see below:

Number of previous hourly sessions from first EFT intervention to client satisfaction:
Fear of the dentist – 2
Tennis elbow – 3
Traumatic memory – 3
Unhelpful behavioural patterns and negative self-talk – 6
Relationship difficulties stemming from unresolved childhood issues – 9
Aches and pains / rheumatoid arthritis – 4
Consultation and redundancy period worries – 6

Testimonials are available upon request.

Contact me

Julia Adams

Tel: 07794 534 465

Email: cotswoldmeridiantherapies@gmail.com

Website: www.cotswoldmeridiantherapies.co.uk

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Member of EFT International, see here.

Professional qualifications:

BA Hons


Level 2 EFT Practitioner qualification