Suzanne Oakes

As a CBT therapist and counsellor I help those with anxiety, relationship issues, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma, social anxiety, depression, generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder (panic attacks) and phobias.

About me

I am a qualified person centred Counsellor and CBT therapist with over fifteen years’ experience working with people who need support with their mental health. With an Honours degree in Psychology and a post graduate qualification in Cognitive Behavioural therapy I am also a Depression and Anxiety Specialist and an experienced NHS Health Trainer and CBT therapist. I provide professional coaching and always treat clients as individuals, adapting my approach to help an individual successfully achieve their goals. I always use compassion, empathy and unconditional positive regard to help a client unlock their potential in a non-judgemental safe atmosphere.

I also currently work part-time for the NHS as a Health and Wellbeing Counsellor.

Having personally suffered mental health difficulties, I have the necessary perspective to help people work through difficult times in their own lives with empathy and compassion.

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What I offer

As a Health and Wellbeing consultant, I provide advice on workplace wellness and healthy long term weight loss. Sometimes individuals struggle with eating healthily and need counselling in order to work towards sustainable healthy long term weight loss. I help clients lose weight and keep it off long term.

I also offer counselling for a range of different mental health issues, including generalised anxiety disorder, health anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, social anxiety, performance coaching, phobias, panic disorder, OCD, workplace stress, constant worrying, feeling sad, bereavement, family issues, being bullied, retirement planning, relationship issues and pain management.

My person centred counselling supports individuals and gives them the outlet to tell their story. Working together we find ways to help reduce the impact traumatic events can have on a person’s life. EMDR is offered and is a very helpful tool for trauma.

I teach a variety of techniques and tools including mindfulness, stress reduction, relaxation and positive coping strategies. Using bespoke relaxation meditations, talks and videos, I help clients improve sleep, increase wellbeing and reduce anxiety.

Exposure therapy provides support to help clients access places or situations that they have been avoiding. They gradually learn how to manage and cope in avoided places and how to cope with anxious thoughts and feelings.

I provide EMDR therapy to help with trauma and PTSD to reduce the impact traumatic events can have on a person’s life.

Contact me

Suzy at Counselling Therapy Solutions

Tel: 07930 212124



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Accredited member of the BACP and I abide by their Ethical Framework for Good Practice.