Julia Godden

I help people find freedom from anxiety, limitation and struggle.

About me

I believe that therapeutic support is instrumental to sustainable change. The impact of which can be deeply transformative.

I have had a long-standing interest in understanding the self (self-development) spirituality and self-inquiry and human behaviour, particularly in terms of my own experiences which lead me to study and deepen my practice through a variety of means such as counselling. I work in private practice, and an EAP which support many people within the arts, I am also an artist.

My values include individual difference, integrity, ethics – with particular attention to power and harm.

My practice is LGBTQ affirmative; I welcome working with clients within this community.

I aim to be anti-oppressive in my practice, working diversely and includes challenging my own biases and awareness of my privilege. I have a particular interest in observing and understanding how issues that can feel so individualised, are collective and often systemic. All of which need to be addressed.

I am trained in bottom up (understanding the body processes) and top-down (talking/ thinking/ cognition) approaches. Combining the two aspects within the work supports the whole person and includes an aspect of neurobiology.

Julia Godden

What I offer

An important aspect of our work together is the quality of the relationship we cultivate, drawing on theories that support the process of understanding both the implications of past and present difficulties, and, how you live the experience of that now. I view our work through framework that is trauma informed to keep you safe and stabilised as we collaboratively identify the aspects that feel out of synch with what you want.

You can expect my full presence. I aim to provide an environment that’s warm and supportive where you feel completely welcome to bring whatever’s troubling you. You’ll have time and space to try things that might support you such as EFT, breathwork, grounding etc. Other techniques might be appropriate such as the flash technique or rewind.

You will be gently challenged but the pace will be set by you. I walk alongside you, without giving advice or expertise but full support, I’ll facilitate a process for you to find your own way while collaboratively unravelling what holds you in limitations. We look at what can support you in gaining more capacity to deal with the challenges and come into a different relationship with yourself. Sometimes psych-education is helpful during sessions, to help make sense of things.

Great strides can be made within the right conditions, people have noticeably felt lighter, calmer and less bogged down when they feel truly seen and held.

Contact me

Julia Godden

Tel: 07747 843 287

Website: www.juliagodden.com

Email: julia@juliagodden.com

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BACP Registered Memeber

NCS Accredited member

Professional qualifications:

Level 4 Diploma – Therapeutic Counselling

Level 5 Diploma – Trauma and Somatic Therapy

Certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner

Certified level 2 Yoga Teacher

Level 4 Dip Visual Arts