Esther Limberg

Therapeutic Life Coach helping people deal with stress, gain confidence and overcome PTSD.

About me

When the student is ready the teacher will appear and Fusion Therapeutic Training arrived with impeccable timing.

At this time, I was feeling overwhelmed, drained, unsuccessful and undervalued in relationships, work and life in general, resulting in poor physical health.

It was time to jump off the treadmill of my life and my training as a Fusion Therapeutic Coach gave me the tangible tools, self-belief and confidence to do so. Soon after completing the Fusion training all areas of my life improved – at home, my relationships, my health and my achievements. My career propelled as a Learning and Development Executive within the corporate world and consequently my skills and experience grew.

I am real, I just get it, I have lived and survived both personally and professionally. I’m a firm believer and evidence that it is never too late to upgrade your life and do what makes you happy.

Esther Limberg-Birks

What I offer

I help those who feel overwhelmed with worry, are out of control of their emotions, are often deflated and completely exhausted.

I will share with you the life changing skills to be in control of your emotions, your relationships, your future, your success and your life. By learning the life skills to be resilient you will learn how to stay calm and relaxed even under pressure so you can control unwanted issues and put yourself back in charge. A happier, more vibrant you could be only a few sessions away.

Once you have control of your emotions and you’re thinking clearly, you will build your inner confidence and start setting goals for achieving your dreams and creating a life you love to live.

The subject in mind is without a doubt serious, yet my aim is to offer a relaxed, calm atmosphere, the sessions will be enjoyable and we will have some fun.

You will receive confidential, non-judgemental time and space so you can safely relax and focus on you and your future. You will receive professional guidance using a highly successful program that focuses on your solutions and results.

PTSD can be overcome in just two sessions, using the powerful Rewind Technique. A fast and effective tool that enables clients to manage the panic brought on by bad memories without having to relive or talk about them.

Contact me

Esther at Gym for the Mind

Tel: 07766 741116





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Member of AICTP (Association of Integrative Coach-Therapist Professionals)

NCFE Fusion Therapeutic Coaching Diploma

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