David Wilson

Offering integrative, humanistic counselling and mentoring to adult individuals, with a particular focus on Highly Sensitive Persons and parents of Highly Sensitive Children. I’m also knowledgeable in High Sensation Seeking and the particular aspects it brings.

About me

I first got involved in counselling in the late 1990s when working for a forerunner to the former NHS Direct. I studied from 2006-09 at the Wealden Institute in Crowborough, East Sussex, and volunteered at the Bohemia Counselling Centre in St. Leonards-on-Sea. Subsequently I studied at the Iron Mill College, Exeter, Devon between 2013-15 and was a volunteer for Counselling for Carers between 2014-17.

After completing a programme with Elaine Aron on psychotherapy for Highly Sensitive Persons, I have specialised in counselling and mentoring in this personality trait.
Subsequently, I have developed my interest in high sensitivity further, attending international meetings and several courses at the UK National Centre for High Sensitivity in Hampshire.

Away from my studio, I enjoy being a dad, reading, cycling, travelling, spending time in nature and visiting the coast.

David Wilson Counsellor

What I offer

I am an integrative humanistic therapist using a gentle approach to help you consider your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and take responsibility for your actions and choices, with the aim of pursuing a more fulfilling life, and achieving your full potential.

I use my knowledge of several theories, primarily drawing on the Person-centred therapy of Carl Rogers, and including Transactional Analysis (TA), Gestalt, Existentialism and Solution-focussed brief therapy, applying them in a way that is appropriate for your needs.

Do you like to please others first? Perhaps you overthink to the point of insomnia? Do you have low self-esteem / self-confidence? Do you prefer things to be perfect? Do you suffer from anxiety or depression at some level? These are the areas I work best with.

You can read more on my website and please feel free to call or email me if you would like to discuss the way I work in more detail.

Contact me to book your free 30-minute online discovery session.

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David Wilson

Tel: 020 3893 3576

Website: https://davidwilsoncounselling.com

Email: davidwilsoncounselling@tutanota.com

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