Madeline (Maddy) Freeman

As a Bowen Technique therapist and Reiki practitioner, I work with people of all ages and backgrounds to help release the body’s tension and restriction and so relieve pain, restriction, fatigue, poor performance, joint stiffness, skeletal imbalance, stress and more.

About me

Coming from a country background I grew up with dogs and horses and spent much of my younger adult life working on a variety of horse yards and helping out on friend’s farms.

One day someone mentioned that her son’s horse had been treated with this amazing therapy called the Bowen Technique.  After some online research I thought it sounded just what I was looking for. However, to treat horses you had to initially study and qualify to treat people… I somewhat hesitantly signed up to the next human Bowen training course and never looked back!

I am now qualified to treat people, dogs and horses and have also developed and run my own canine Bowen therapy training course.

I am also a Reiki practitioner working towards my Master level.

In between my work at Ownzone treating people I travel to yards and homes treating dogs and horses, and I also work two afternoons a week treating dogs at Vale Vets and Referrals in Dursley.

When I’m not working I am either walking my two collies or riding my horse John and attending local clinics with him.

Maddy Freeman

What I offer

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, yet highly effective physical therapy. It is soft tissue based, focusing on a highly complex connective tissue called fascia which is present everywhere within the body and envelops all our muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and organs as well as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Bowen comprises a series of precise, anatomically placed moves using fingers and thumbs over muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. These moves generate signals via the body’s autonomic nervous system, which in turn help activate the body’s own natural healing processes.

Bowen aims to release tension and restriction within the soft tissue that may be caused by poor posture, injury, repetitive patterns, sports, scar tissue etc that can lead to pain, restriction, fatigue, poor performance, joint stiffness, skeletal imbalance, stress and more.

Bowen is gentle and safe for people of all ages from the very young to elderly, and all treatment is carried out through loose fitting clothing so no need to undress.  I work a lot with people who are retired and want to remain as active as possible –  I don’t have a specialist area (apart from horse riders) as I enjoy the wide variety of issues Bowen can help with.

Reiki is a form of hands on energy healing work. It is Japanese in origin and now practised all around the world by many practitioners. Blocked energy within the body – caused by physical injury, illness, surgery, emotional stress and trauma can cause a wide range of issues including pain, stress, anxiety, low energy, pain, joint stiffness and more.

Reiki aims to improve energy flow within the body, rebalance the body’s vital systems, promoting pain relief, healing and relaxation. It is a gentle, non invasive and non manipulative therapy – hands are usually placed on the body during a session but Reiki can be carried out hands off for people who prefer not to be touched.

Contact me

Madeline (Maddy) Freeman

Tel: 07779 906 866



Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists

Animal Merishia Massage therapists

Professional qualifications:

College of Bowen Studies

European College of Bowen Therapy

Canine Bowen Therapy Training UK (Director)

Canine Merishia Massage practitioner

Human and animal Reiki Practitioner