Germaine Newman

As a traditional acupuncturist I treat a wide range of common health conditions as well as helping those who feel their bodily functions are out of balance but have no obvious western medical diagnosis.

About me

I graduated from The Acupuncture Academy in Leamington Spa in 2023 and was awarded a Distinction for their Professional Licentiate in Acupuncture, which is a three year degree qualification. My training was extensive and covered all aspects of Chinese medical and acupuncture theory, with a focus on the five element approach.  This means that I will consider your main health problem, together with a holistic approach to you as an individual.

I live locally with my partner and our three rapidly growing sons. Prior to having children, I worked as a project worker in a Therapeutic Community for adults with mental health problems. I have had a passion for Chinese Medicine for 20 years and trained in Shiatsu and worked as an onsite massage therapist in offices and festivals/events.

My special areas of interest are women’s health, menopause and mental health. However, I am passionate about all aspects of health and about helping people to feel empowered on their own journey towards feeling well, be that through diet and lifestyle, attention to mindset and of course acupuncture! I love keeping up with the latest research and learning more ways in which we can help ourselves.

Germaine Newman

What I offer

My focus as a traditional acupuncturist is on the patient as an individual and not just their specific illness, as all symptoms are seen as part of an interconnected pattern. Treatment involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points which are said to affect the flow of your body’s qi, or vital energy.

Your initial visit will take up to two hours and consists of a personal and medical consultation covering your family history, lifestyle, systems functions (eg. sleep, appetite) and full details of your current complaint/s and any test or investigations that you have had. You will also have the opportunity to discuss in complete confidence any concerns or troubles you may currently be dealing with.

This information, together with taking your pulses and observing your tongue helps me to put together a Chinese Medicine diagnosis for you, which I will inform my treatments and any added lifestyle suggestions I might make. Subsequent appointments take up to one hour, and include discussion of your progress and your treatment to date. Many find acupuncture relaxing and feel very calm during and after a treatment; you may also feel a little tired or sleepy.

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Germaine Newman

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